1. Epistemological machines and protocomputing
    Mitchell Whitelaw and Ralf Baecker
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  2. The Crystal World
    Jonathan Kemp
  3. Nigredo: configuring human and technological bodies
    Marco Donnarumma
  4. Sensing spatial experiences. The essential nature of things
    Sonia Cillari
  5. Perfect Paul: on freedom of facial expression
    Arthur Elsenaar
  6. Hacking the universe
    Frederik De Wilde
  7. Mesoscopic ripples in the neural sea
    Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand
  8. Vanitas Machine
    Verena Friedrich
  9. Interview with Verena Friedrich
  10. Connections continuum: a life
    Saša Spačal
  11. A new state of the living
    Dmitry Bulatov
  12. That which lives in me
    Dmitry Bulatov and Alexey Chebykin
  13. Robotics and design: towards a new symbiosis in Gilberto Esparza’s artwork
    Reynaldo Thompson and Tirtha P. Mukhopadhyay
  14. Pancreas. All flesh
  15. Demons of art
    Interview with Thomas Feuerstein by Hartmut Böhme
  16. Metabodies – exploring social networks on our body
    Sonja Bäumel and Manuel Selg
  17. Re-imagining the biological membrane
    Juan M. Castro
  18. Bodymetries. Mapping the human body through amorphous intelligence
    Theresa Schubert, Michael Markert, Moritz Dreßler, Andrew Adamatzky
  19. The engineer’s report: “Swarm Cities” and other synthetic companions
    Francisco Gallardo and Álvaro Castro-Castilla
  20. Der Zermesser
    Leo Peschta
  21. Interview with Leo Peschta