„Experiencing the Unconventional. Science in Art“ comes as a long awaited publication on this new generation of artists that reflect upon and thematize the newest developments and possibilities of pioneering scientific innovations, their historic roots as well as their effects on our contemporary society. And who could be more apt to edit a book on inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to art and science research and experimentation than two editors who themselves are artists, theorists, scholars and scientists at the same time? 

Theresa Schubert and Andrew Adamatzky have created a book that gives deep insight into the profound research and knowledge of artists today that are inspired by and pursuing their own scientific investigation within their artistic practice. Most of the chapters being authored by the artists themselves, they show their deep knowledge and understanding of highly complex topics ranging from chemistry, macro- and microbiology and quantum physics to physical and natural computation and human-machine-interaction, as well as how they translate this knowledge in a creative way into works of art and lines of research with an own and independent value.

Daniela Silvestrin – independent curator, researcher and cultural manager

2016/January: New Review published in Neural, magazine for Critical digital culture and media arts 
Neural' - neural_it_2016_01_2

2015/ September: New Review published in DIGICULT, platform for digital art, design and culture