About the Editors

Andrew Adamatzky is Professor in Unconventional Computing in the Department of Computer Science, Director of the Unconventional Computing Centre, and a member of Bristol Robotics Lab. Adamatzky is known for his research in unconventional computing. In particular, he has worked on chemical computers using reaction-diffusion processes. He has used slime moulds to plan potential routes for roadway systems and as components of nanorobotic systems, and discovered that they seek out sedatives in preference to nutrients.


Theresa Schubert is a post-media artist and researcher at the intersection of art and science. She investigates the role of creativity and collaboration from a post-humanperspective. Her research stems from the areas of biological-based art, digital art and DIY practices and addresses topics of self-organisation, stigmergy, randomness, computational geometry, morphology, and pattern generation. Currently she works as a researcher at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.